Foundation – We may be small but our dreams are mighty!


In Reading, students are showing their skills to solve words and begin to read texts. They are also learning to communicate ideas with writing down the sounds we hear. Goals are being rolled out to students, so be sure to ask them what they are learning!


Numeracy is practised every day in Foundation classrooms, with students focussing on their individualised goals. The beginning of the term sees us focussing on the Part/Part/Whole concept and then moving into Subitising amounts – which is also the same as knowing how much is in a small amount without having to count. The latter part of the term is focussed on Addition and Subtraction. Counting is also still incorporated every day.


Our Mappen topic this term relates to how different things change. From apples to humans to buildings in our communities, we will be investigating changes that occur over time.

Zippy bags are sent home daily for all communication. Be sure to regularly check and send back to school!