Grades three and four

Welcome to all our families to Grades three and four in 2017





To begin in Reading, students will be setting up their CAFÉ libraries within their classrooms. They will learn how to correctly select ‘Good Fit’ books and how to read to self and a partner. Throughout the term all 3/4 classes will be reading the novel “Artie and the Grime Wave”. This text will be used to model different reading strategies taught in class.




In writing, all 3/4 classes will be setting up the Writer’s Workshop program. Students will be spending time setting up their writing books and learning the expectations of what they will write in each book. This will include decorating the front covers of their ‘Writer’s Notebook’. Students will be spending the first part of the term writing personal memoirs, before continuing into the second half of the term with short fiction texts.




Throughout term one, students will be extending their understanding of place value, including tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands. Towards the end of the term, students will begin to explore addition and subtraction strategies. Students will further develop their skills in non-number areas including time, angles and probability. Within these areas, students will be encouraged to begin to use knowledge and skills within real life environments and situations.




Students will be completing set work in the unit called – “First Contact”. Students will develop an understanding of the Australian community and how it enables them to empathise and appreciate the traditions and experiences of different cultures.


Home Learning


Students will receive home learning weekly. It is expected that students are completing home learning regularly to revise and practise skills learnt in class. Students will complete weekly spelling activities, as well as weekly English and Mathematics activities.


Open Doors:


All the 3/4 classrooms welcome and appreciate parent/grandparent/relative assistance. Please talk to your child’s teacher and discuss how you could help. It may be listening to reading, preparing resources, laminating or even assisting small groups of students.


We look forward to a fun and exciting term.


Jessye Blakis, Kaitlyn Hall, Jacque Rowe and Owen Macer