Grades five and six




If the first semester is anything to go by we are going to have an amazing second half of the year!


Reading and Viewing: During term three students will continue participating in Literacy Circles and writing about reading as well as continuing other activities such as read to partners, independent reading and word works. Our focuses this term will be interpreting characters as well as historical fiction texts. Students will be building theories about characters and using text to support their ideas as well as identifying character struggles and challenges to assist their theories to more complex thinking.

Writing: In term three students will be developing memoirs. Students will extensively plan their memoirs highlighting key memories such as times in life they felt strong emotion as well as themes that appear throughout their lives such as friendship or happiness. They will also be introduced to “The Arc of the Story” where they will be developing realistic fiction texts. This will focus on developing believable characters, drafting the heart of a story and having a powerful ending.

Mathematics: In term three, students will build on their skills and understanding of multiplication and division. They will develop their understanding of various multiplication and division strategies as well as working with decimals and fractions.
Non-number subjects will include data representation and interpretation, volume, capacity and mass with students making connections between these concepts and the world around them.

Mappen: In term three students will be undertaking “Museums in Motion” where they will learn about events that shaped Australia, pioneers in Australia, how to effectively research, plan, design and construct a diorama.




Bradley Moedt, Kaitlyn Hall, Rebecca Hocking, Kathryn Potts, Robyn Beer, Rachael Williamson and Cal Fearn.