Grades five and six



In 5/6 we cannot wait for term two after such a positive and productive term one. We are looking forward to seeing more outstanding growth in our students.

Reading and Viewing: During term two students will start participating in Literacy Circles and writing about reading as well as continuing other activities such as read to partners, independent reading and word works. We will be using the Systems of Strategic Actions circle and work towards further developing student’s abilities to answer and generate questions within the text, about the text and beyond the text. We will be looking at critiquing and analysing texts, forming our own opinions and supporting these opinions with evidence.
Writing: In term two students, will continue to develop and refine their understanding of persuasive texts. Students will be exposed to various persuasive techniques and will learn to effectively use these to support their claims within their text. They will also be introduced to informative writing, where they will be exposed to various texts such as nonfiction books, pamphlets, websites, feature articles, textbooks, research reports, encyclopaedias, atlases, guidebooks and blogs.
Mathematics: In term two, students will build on their skills and understanding of addition and subtraction. They will develop their understanding of various addition and subtraction strategies as well as work with decimals and fractions. They will develop their financial mathematical understanding of working with budgets, calculating discounts and complete financial transactions.
Non-number focus areas will include chance, three-dimensional shapes and units of measurement including length, area, volume and capacity, with students making connections between these concepts and the world around them.

Mappen: In term two, students be undertaking “The Journey to Discovery”. They will learn about light refraction, electrical circuits, states of matter and the scale of the solar system through hands-on experiments and experiences.


Bradley Moedt, Kaitlyn Hall, Rebecca Hocking, Kathryn Potts, Robyn Beer, Rachael Williamson, Cal Fearn and Melene Lowe.