July 26th , 2023

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What's on What's Due

JULY 2023
Wednesday 26th Young Leaders Consent Due ( Selected Students)
Wednesday 26th Crumbs & Co Fundraiser Drive is up & running
Friday 28th Whittlesea Division Netball Consent Due (Selected Students)
Friday 28th Enrolment applications close
Friday 28th Young Leaders (Selected Students)
Monday 31st Whittlesea Division Netball (Selected Students)
Wednesday 2nd Foundation 100 Days of School
Friday 4th Dance Club/Choir Consent & Payment Due
Wednesday 9th Crumbs & Co orders close today
Friday 11th Foundation 2024 - Written Enrolment Confirmation
Friday 11th Working Bee - 5/6C, 3/4M, FI
Monday 14th – 18th National Science Week
Tuesday 15th Curriculum Day – Network Student Free Bookings now available at https://theircare.com.au/
Wednesday 23rd Book Week Parade 9.10am - Dress up as your favourite book character (Weather permitting)
Monday 21st – Friday 25th Book Week – Read, Grow, Inspire
Wednesday 30th Father’s Day Stall
Friday 8th Working Bee - 5/6E, 3/4N, 1/2E, FK
Wednesday 13th Wandong Gratitude Games #tabloidsportsday Consent & Payment Due
Thursday 14th R U Ok? Day
Friday 15th Wandong Gratitude Games #tabloidsportsday
Friday 15th Last day Term 3 – 2:30 Dismissal
Saturday 16th – Friday 29th School Holidays
Friday 13th Grade 5/6 Surf Camp - Consent & Payment Due
Friday 13th Grade 3/4 Camp – Consent & Payment Due
Friday 13th Grade 1/2 Camp – Consent & Payment Due
Friday 13th Foundation Day Camp – Consent & Payment Due
Wed 8th – Fri 10th Grade 3/4 Camp
Mon 13th – Tues 14th Grade 1/2 Camp
Wednesday 15th Parent Event – Susan McLean – Cyber Cop, Keeping our Kids Safe Online. Please email or call the office to book in for this event.
Friday 17th Foundation Day Camp
Mon 20th – Wed 22nd Grade 5/6 Surf Camp


Curriculum Update

We are extremely proud of our staff and the level of knowledge they bring to the curriculum and achievement levels of their children. We are passionate about ensuring all children are on their own learning journey accessing teaching at their point of need. We are proud to have progressive reporting to support our families in knowing what their children are learning at any given point throughout the year, not just mid and end of Semester. Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you need help in accessing this on compass.

You will now find our school’s Mastery Guides in compass. Click on then scroll down to school documentation and you will find ‘Curriculum Mastery Guides’. This document clearly shows what children are aiming to achieve at the different levels and areas of the curriculum. It is our hope that this will support you in joining with us in the learning journey of your child.


Sometimes it can be tricky to discern whether your child is fit to attend school. If your child is feeling unwell with cold/flu like symptoms, have been vomiting or had diarrhoea in the last 24 hours please keep them at home until they are well again. Sick bay tends to be a busy hub so if we call for your child to be picked up and you are unavailable, please make other arrangements as it not acceptable or practical to accommodate a sick child at school for the whole day.

Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 It is the parent’s responsibility to advise the school via Compass if their child is away from school and alert us of notifiable diseases as per the School Exclusion Table:


Please join us

We are excited to be keeping families informed via our Facebook group. This is a closed group and we enjoy the positive community that we are establishing on this platform. The information shared is timely and ongoing through our many moderators. You can also like/follow our page and enjoy the photo updates.

We currently have 815 followers on our official school Facebook page. Please head over and ‘LIKE’ and ‘FOLLOW’ us at https://www.facebook.com/WandongPS/

We currently have 512 members in our official school Facebook group. Please ensure that you answer the questions when you join us, as our moderators will decline any request that is not authentic and a genuine parent of our community. Please head over and join this group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/3619617971385556/.

Please note that like a friend’s profile, Facebook PAGES are designed to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook GROUPS are the place for small-group communication and for people to share their common interests. Our official GROUP is for that purpose, as mentioned in previous newsletters. You are invited and welcome to this space to share, communicate and ask questions of others in the community. This site is moderated by selected staff across the school.

We are currently finalising our enrolments for 2024

Over the coming weeks the school will commence planning for 2024. We are looking at the number of students enrolled and considering our structure and the number of classes we will need to best support the learning programs that are provided for students. This planning takes into account the budget that will be available for staffing. This budget is determined by student numbers; therefore, it is important to have the best possible information when we are making our decisions.

If you have a child who will be commencing in Foundation next year, you should have already submitted your enrolment form. Confirmation of Foundation enrolments will be sent Friday and no application can be accepted following this date.

Conversely, any parents who know their children will not be continuing at Wandong 2024, could you please let me know in writing as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure at this moment, a note about the possibility that this may occur is always helpful. As enrolment numbers affect our staffing decisions and the number of classes we have, it is important that we are able to predict as closely as possible what our expected enrolment will be in 2024.


SEW in 5/6Y

The SEW focus for this week in the 5/6Y was respect and friendship. We learned about this by looking at our brains and how they are affected by the different emotions we feel. The limbic system and the amygdala form our ‘emotional’ brain. When we experience positive or negative emotions our brains release different chemicals. The ‘positive’ chemicals that we feel are dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These are our ‘happy’ chemicals. They make use feels good. When we are playing with our friends, laughing, getting along, etc (and therefore showing respect and care towards our friends) our brain releases these chemicals which tells us that these things make us happy and encourages to keep seeking these interactions. The ‘negative’ chemicals are cortisol and adrenaline. They are released when our amygdala is triggered because it thinks that we are in danger, or under threat; that threat can be someone being mean, hurting you etc (being disrespectful). In this case our ‘emotional’ brain (amygdala/limbic system) triggers our ‘flight or fight’ response. Our ‘thinking’ brain (cerebral cortex) shuts down, leading us to have negative reactions, such as hitting, yelling, running away, crying etc. The student’s task was to create a poster that listed the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ chemicals, the different emotions that we feel and the interactions that we’ve had to cause those emotions. They did a great job and learned a lot!


Office Hours

Please note that the school office hours are 8:30am until 4:15pm.

Picking Up Children – Please help our admin team!

In exceptional circumstances and emergencies, at times children need to be collected from school early. Please help our wonderful administration team by ensuring that this is not done during the break times of 11:00-11:30am and 1:45-2:30pm. When children are outside playing with their friends, they do not hear the announcements and it is difficult to have a staff member unlock classrooms to collect bags and belongings. Please help support our classroom programs by waiting until 3:30pm to collect children. The admin area is growing quite hectic in the afternoons with families collecting children early Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

IMPORTANT – Mobile Phone/Watch/Device Policy

In 2020, DET introduced strict restrictions on the use of any device with access to a cellular system, with or without a physical connection to a network. Where students bring a device of this type to school, it MUST be placed in secure storage at the office.

IMPORTANT – Student Information

It is very important we have up-to-date information for all students. Please check Compass and update current home & email addresses, phone numbers & medical details.

Uniform Orders

When ordering uniforms through Compass, use Canteen. See below for how to order.

Going paperless will reduce waste & conserve our natural resources.

Please Note:

Select the following day as your order date if current day if current date is closed, even if it’s a weekend!



Next Meeting: Thursday August 24th @ 9.15am in the staffroom


Classrooms have now received their “Spare Change Challenge” money boxes. We are running a competition between classes to collect the spare change from under the couch cushions and car seats… On August 11, the classroom with the most change will be the lucky recipients of a classroom prize! A movie afternoon complete with snacks!! Start collecting and bringing your spare change into the classroom for your money box to be filled!


PAFA is asking families with any unwanted soft toys or books to donate them to the school for the fete in 2023. The items must be in great condition as they will be on sold to a new family for them to be loved.

Books can be children’s, young adult or adult, fiction or non-fiction, but please ensure that covers and content is appropriate for the schoolyard.

Soft toys can be donated if they are machine washable. Simply to ensure we can give all toys a good wash before they go to their new home.

Donations can be dropped at the office. Thanks in advance.

Sponsors for the School Fete

We are looking to gain sponsorship from local businesses for the fete in 2023 and have put together some great packages for businesses who wish to partake in this opportunity. If you have your own business and would like to talk to us about sponsoring this year, please either call or text Steph on 0408039935 and we can organise to send you all the information you need to make your decision.


Orders open 24th July on Flexischools & close 9th August. All items ordered will be frozen and must be picked up from school the afternoon of 18th August. More information will roll out as it gets closer. GF available.

6 pk sausage rolls $22                               

Brownie mix $9

20pk dumplings $24                    

4pk assorted cookie doughnuts $16


Wandong Primary is pleased to offer instrumental lessons for students from Foundation to grade 6

Students may choose from the following instruments:

  • Voice
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Bass Guitar

Students participate in 30 minute private lessons at $39.00 during and after school hours. Group lessons are also available for guitar and bass guitar (2 students) at $19.50 for for 30 minutes lessons.

At WPS we are thrilled to offer a comprehensive music program that supports the development of students and young musicians. Enrolement forms are available at the office.



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