June 26th, 2024

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What's on What's Due

JUNE 2024
Wednesday 26th Three Way Conferences - Alternate Day - If your child requires care, please book in at https://theircare.com.au/
Wednesday 26th Wandong Primary School Art Show - Open in the Art room during 3-way conferences
Friday 28th Community connections - breakfast morning (pancakes on bbq and coffee van) 9:00 am - 10:00am
Friday 28th Last Day Term 2 - 2:30pm dismissal
JULY 2024
Friday 12th Grade 5/6 Interschool Sport - Summer Tournament - Consent and Payment Due
Monday 15th First Day Term 3
Monday 15th Whittlesea Division: GIRLS & BOYS AFL FINALS - Consent/Payment due -Selected students only
Monday 15th - Friday 19th NAIDOC Week
Friday 19th Grade 5/6 Interschool Sport - Summer Tournament
Monday 22nd Spare Change Challange starts
Monday 22nd Whittlesea Division: BOYS AFL FINALS -Selected Students only
Wednesday 24th Whittlesea Division: GIRLS AFL FINALS -Selected Students only
Wednesday 31st PAFA meeting - 9:15am
Thursday 1st Foundation 100 Days
Thursday 1st 1/2 Grades Friends With Honey Incursion - Consent due
Friday 9th Billie G's Cookie Dough DRIVE - orders are now open
Friday 9th Spare Change Challenge closes
Monday 12th - Friday 16th National Science Week in 2024
Tuesday 13th 1/2 Grades Friends With Honey Incursion
Thursday 15th Working Bee - FS, 1/2H & 5/6C 2.30pm - 3.30pm Parents welcome
Monday 19th Launch Pad Program For Parents - Special evening for those with a submitted application 6pm - 7pm
Monday 19th - 23rd Book Week 2024 - Reading is Magic
Thursday 22nd Celebrating Writing: 8:40am - 9:10am (Classrooms)
Thursday 22nd Book Character Dress Up Parade: 9:30am - 10:00am (Basketball court)
Thursday 22nd - Monday 26th Book Fair: 8:30am - 9:00am & 3:30pm - 4:00pm (Library)
Wednesday 28th Father's Day Stall
Thursday 29th Father's Day Stall - Catch up day
Friday 30th Billie G's Cookie Dough DRIVE orders closes today
Sunday 1st Pizza Day orders close today
Wednesday 4th Foundation Water Safety Program - Consent due
Thursday 5th Pizza Day
Monday 9th - Friday 13th Foundation Water Safety Program
Friday 13th Working Bee - FA, 1/2G, 5/6E 2.30pm- 3.30pm Parents welcome
Friday 13th Billie G's Cookie Dough pick up from AUSLAN room
Friday 20th Last Day Term 3
Saturday 21st World Gratitude Day
Monday 7th First Day Term 4
Friday 1st Foundation Day Camp - Consent and payment due today
Friday 1st Grade 1/2 Camp - Consent and payment due today
Friday 1st Grade 3/4 Camp - Consent and payment due today
Friday 1st Grade 5/6 Camp - Consent and payment due today
Monday 4th Curriculum Day - No Students – If your child requires care, please book in at https://theircare.com.au/
Friday 8th Working Bee - FC, 1/2W & 5/6B 2.30pm- 3.30pm Parents welcome
Monday 18th - Wednesday 20th Grade 3/4 Camp - Log Cabin Camp
Friday 22nd Foundation Day Camp
Monday 25th -Tuesday 26th Grade 1/2 Camp - Overnight Camp "Camp Weekaway"
Wednesday 27th - Friday 29th Grade 5/6 Camp - The Ranch
Monday 2nd Professional Practice Day (Student Free) - If your child requires care, please book in at https://theircare.com.au/
Tuesday 3rd Whole School Colour Run Day @ L B Davern
Friday 6th Working Bee - 1/2L, 3/4G & 3/4B 2.30pm- 3.30pm Parents welcome
Friday 20th Last Day Term 4


REMINDER: Principal Certificate of Excellence

This year when I finalise reports, all the children that have been awarded an ‘EXCELLENT’ for behaviour and effort in every class, including specialists, will have a certificate uploaded to Compass. Please make sure you check your child’s dashboard, as there is no alert when I put a comment into the student chronicle.

REMINDER: Student Reports – Compass

Individual Education Plans (for applicable students) are already available and uploaded to Compass. Student Reports were also uploaded to Compass on Monday 24th June at 3.30pm. As you know also, we progressively report children’s academic achievements onto Compass in the form of ‘I can’ statements. It’s important that you are aware of where your child is achieving at any point in the year, not just during mid and end of year reports. We are passionate about ensuring our families join us on the learning journey and know that progressively reporting student achievement on Compass, as well as through SeeSaw. our Three Way Conferences today are an opportunity to discuss your child’s report and achievement.


REMINDER: Outstanding Term Expenses

The office is working to finalise end of term accounts. We would appreciate if you could please check Compass and make payment for any outstanding term expenses, including Curriculum Consumable Items and any Optional Education Items. If you are having difficulty making payment, please do not hesitate to contact Ros in the office to arrange a payment plan.



I’m pretty sure there have been plenty of reminders already, but just in case you missed it, if there are any families out there with siblings set to start school in 2025 and you still haven’t completed and lodged an enrolment form, please do so at your earliest convenience. It is extremely helpful to us in planning for next year, as knowing our guaranteed enrolments can assist in possibly offering places to other families who have applied for a position. At this stage, we have far more enrolment applications than we can accept.


Staffing Update

Mrs Ryan has unfortunately needed to say farewell from her one day in the classroom of 5/6C, due to personal reasons. As we know, family always comes first. We are currently working through our staffing options for the rest of the year and will be sure to let our families and students know once this decision has been made.


Early Dismissal on the Last Day of Term


SEW in 5/6 W

Gender Stereotypes

In Grade 5/6, we learned about how people who grew up in different times and in different places may encounter different social expectations surrounding gender.

We discussed stereotypes about the way girls/boys and men/women are possibly expected to behave. We explored how there are many things that can influence these thoughts, including:

  • Traditions and clothing
  • Media and advertising
  • Sport and leisure activities
  • Work and business
  • Homes and families
  • Children’s games, toys, and stories

Students worked in groups to name or find visual evidence of the kinds of practices, sayings or actions that happen which produce ideas about how men and women and girls and boys are ‘supposed’ to be. This may include thinking about those things that happened in their parents’ and grandparents’ times.

They were able to reflect on how some norms might be positive or we can see how things have improved over time; however, other norms can limit people’s choices, affect their rights, and result in discrimination, inequity and inequality.

Students found it especially interesting looking at how advertising has changed over time and how not too long ago, what was deemed as ‘appropriate/funny’ messages on children’s clothing is now offensive or reinforcing stereotypes.



Office Hours :- 8:30am until 3:55pm

Picking Up Children – Please help our admin team!

In exceptional circumstances and emergencies, at times children need to be collected from school early. Please help our wonderful administration team by ensuring that this is not done during the break times of 11:00-11:30am and 1:45-2:30pm. When children are outside playing with their friends, they do not hear the announcements and it is difficult to have a staff member unlock classrooms to collect bags and belongings. Please help support our classroom programs by waiting until 3:30pm to collect children. The admin area is growing quite hectic in the afternoons with families collecting children early Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

IMPORTANT – Mobile Phone/Watch/Device Policy

In 2020, DET introduced strict restrictions on the use of any device with access to a cellular system, with or without a physical connection to a network. Where students bring a device of this type to school, it MUST be placed in secure storage at the office.

IMPORTANT – Student Information

It is very important we have up-to-date information for all students. Please check Compass and update current home & email address, phone numbers & medical details.

Wet Weather

We would like to request parents/guardians of students to pack a set of spare uniform items in their child’s bag, including a waterproof bag. We have limited spare uniform at the office. If your child has recently needed to borrow items from our sick bay, please wash and return them to the office as soon as possible.

Thanks Administration Team

Uniform Orders


**Please remember to put your child’s full name on their uniform. Please don’t use initials, as this makes it harder for us to find the owner.

**Please remember to order a bag for smaller orders & for larger orders select two.

If you order a bag, the order can be placed in your child’s or siblings’ tub for convenience. If not, you will need to supply a bag or make arrangements to collect your order.



When ordering uniforms through Compass, use Canteen. See below for how to order

Going paperless will reduce waste & conserve our natural resources.

Please Note:

Select the following day as your order date if the current date is closed, even if it’s a weekend!

Log into the Compass App.

Select more at bottom of screen. 

Click on the Canteen button.



Select Place Order at bottom of screen.

Select Student.

Select Date. (Will have to select next date if  current date is cut off)

Select sitting e.g. Uniform



Click on item you require e.g Short Sleeve Polo.

Select how many you want and then select the size.

Add to cart.

Repeat for other items e.g. Bomber Jacket.

View Cart

Proceed to Checkout or create another order.

Parking in the church carpark


Next Meeting: 31st July 2024 @ 9.15am

 Look what PAFA is up to in term 3.

We will send out information as it becomes available on each of these events and let you know how you can participate!

If there is anyone who’d like to help at the Father’s Day stall or sorting and delivering cookie orders or pizza please don’t hesitate to get in contact. stephanie.domino@education.vic.gov.au



Wandong Primary is pleased to offer instrumental lessons for students from Foundation to grade 6.

Thank you for your interest in the Instrumental Music Program at Wandong
Primary School.
Our program provides students with the opportunity to develop musicianship
skills, build confidence and collaborate with others to deliver performances.
Above all, we aim to foster peoples love of music, have fun and stay creative!

Students may choose from the following 

Please find below, the conditions of our program and Enrolment form.

Please read carefully to ensure your child’s maximum involvement and development.

In order to continue and develop their skills, students are encouraged to
show evidence of regular practice. Below is a recommended guide for weekly
practice times:

Beginners: 15-20 minutes, 3 days a week
After one year: 30 minutes, 4 days a week
After two years: 40 minutes, 5-6 days a week

Payment Terms & Withdrawal from the Instrumental Music Program

1. An invoice will be sent at the beginning of each term and is to be paid,
in full, via Direct Deposit.
2. Fees must be paid by the due date. Failure to do so will result in lessons
being stooped until payment has been made.
3. Unless notified, the instrumental teacher assumes all students in the
program will automatically continue lessons each term. A verbal or written
notification to the instrumental teacher is required to withdraw students
from the program. Notice needs to be received 2 weeks prior to the end
of the term, to avoid incurring the next term’s fees.


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