Term 1, 2019

A warm welcome to all of our Foundation students and their families! We are enjoying our days of building relationships and beginning our learning journey. We are very well rested after our Christmas breaks and look forward to striding ahead with fantastic learning throughout the year!

We have many exciting things to look forward to. We have begun sending Home Learning Folders home and are building the students capacity to return these independently each day and work through the foundational learning tasks within. The partnership between home and school is super important to promote a love of learning!

We are about to begin learning about our ‘Marvellous’ selves as part of our Integrated Studies topic this term and will be continuing to include PMP as an extra aspect to Physical Education and practise of fine motor skills. Visual Arts and Digital Technologies make up the rest of our learning week-alongside Phonics, Reading, Writing and Maths.

Wandong Primary school would like to thank all parents and guardians for your positivity and ongoing support to create such a smooth transition for all of our students. We think they have all settled in amazingly well!

Specialist Staff in Semester 1 2019:

Visual Arts- Robyn Beer

Digital Technology – Rachael Williamson

P.E- Cal Fearn

PMP – Classroom Teachers

Our Team in 2019:

Foundation Z- Miss Maddison Goldsworthy

Foundation C- Mrs Krystal Clappison

Foundation N – Mrs Jacqui Nelson (Unit Leader)

Foundation M- Miss Chloe Monaghan

Buddies: The grade 5/6 Buddy Program will continue throughout 2019. Teachers will schedule ‘Buddy Time’ fortnightly for students to share work and practice speaking and listening amongst different groups of people. They have begun the year by assisting us with labelling all of our books in our tubs!

Literacy: Term one sees the introduction and continuous focus on letters and sounds of the alphabet in classrooms. We are aiming to build in the work with consistent, daily use of our Home Learning Folders and incorporating regular handwriting practice that focuses on formation and placement of letters. Bingo games related to these focuses will be introduced later in Term 1, because we know the students really enjoy playing them!

We will introduce writing, including understanding and using the correct materials, as part of studying our Writer’s Workshop. We will finish the Term with some language experience writing – where we participate in a shared experience and then spend lots of time delving into writing about it.

Numeracy: Classroom teachers are completing Early Entry Assessments on Wednesdays to thoroughly determine learning points of need of Foundation students. Meet the teacher (Feb 20) is a great time to discuss some of the personal goals for your child with their teacher.

Number Talks for numbers 1-4 (and beyond to 10) are happening daily. We are discussing and learning as many particular things that we can about any of these numbers, as well as regularly counting forwards and backwards! A great emphasis is also on writing, matching and counting collections of numerals, words and amounts.

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