Grades three and four

Welcome to 3/4 2019

Meet the Team!


Welcome everyone to Grade 3/4E! My name is Deborah Elliot and I am very excited to be part of the Wandong Primary School community. This is my first year teaching at Wandong Primary School, but I have been teaching for eight years. I have taught all year levels, but have taught grades 3-6 for many of those years. I am really looking forward to this year- setting challenging learning goals and having fun learning!



Welcome to everyone for our 2019 year of learning.  I have been a teacher for six years and have worked at a number of schools. I have been lucky enough to be work at Wandong Primary School for the last three years. Last year I was lucky enough to get married, and changed my name from Miss Rowe to Mrs Ockenden. This year I am lucky again to be having my first child in June. Although I’m only here for a term, I know that it will be filled with lots of fun and learning.



Hello families and welcome to grade 3/4S! Hi, my name is Livia Stahlavsky and I will be teaching grade threes and fours for the year. I am very excited about the year ahead and can’t wait to share some wonderful times with the students as we learn new things together. This is my fourth year as a member of staff at Wandong Primary School, however this is my first year teaching grade 3/4. It is an exciting grade level to teach as the students mature towards independent learning and grow and broaden their knowledge in many areas of the curriculum.



Hello everyone, my name is Hannah Giacomini and I have been teaching for fifteen years. I have had the profound privilege to teach at Wandong Primary School for thirteen years. I have seen many students pass through our school gates and it’s been an honour to be a part of their lives. Eleven of these wonderful years teaching were within the Foundation/ One & Two unit. I have had many roles at Wandong Primary including unit level coordinator, Early Years Literacy coordinator, Visual Arts coordinator and mentor to a number of student teachers and graduate teachers. If you see me around the school, come and say hello.



Hi everyone and welcome to 3/4P 2019. My name is Miss Kathryn Potts and I am extremely excited to be your child’s teacher this year. I have taught all year levels over the last 10 years and am thrilled to be back teaching year 3/4 students. I keep an open door policy so please drop in to say hello. I am looking forward to meeting you all and working together to support your child’s learning.



Hello everyone, my name is Kiandra Marc. I am a new teacher to Wandong Primary school in 2019. For the previous six years I was a teacher at Epping Views Primary school where I taught students in Years 1,3 and 4. I was team leader for the past three years and ran the whole school Auslan program from prep to six. I have supported students with a range of abilities and needs and supported a number of graduate teachers. I am really excited to be at Wandong this year and can’t wait to get to know everyone.



Term 1 Overview


Reading and Viewing: The students will begin to immerse themselves with reading by creating a reader’s community. They have begun using their very own Reader’s Notebooks, and have the opportunity to choose from a range of tasks from their Reader’s menu to provide the students with choice in their learning. Guided reading sessions are structured to the individual learning of each child with the assistance of the Strategic Wheel of Action; where they complete teacher directed activities alongside peers at their level. The main focus for guided reading sessions this term, will revolve around reading strategies from the Reading Continuum; ensuring that the children have a wide repertoire of skills for things such as decoding, inferring and discussing various fiction and non-fiction texts. Our take home reading will begin in week 3, and with your support, this will supplement the classroom literacy program with many choices to explore reading in a fun and education way.


Writing: The 3/4 students will begin the term by engaging in the writer’s workshop, creating their writer’s notebooks and generating ideas for writing. Students will focus on developing their understanding of the 6 Traits of Writing (ideas, organisation, sentence fluency, word choice, voice and conventions). They will begin a unit on poetry to create free verse, haiku and diamante poems.


Maths: In term one, students will work towards understanding the place value system. They will identify how numbers up to five-digits are made. Students will recognise thousands, hundreds, tens and ones, be able to model these numbers using base-ten blocks and explore the different ways that numbers can be made. We will build fluency and understanding when adding and subtracting numbers practising mental strategies for automatic recall and recognition of patterns. Later in the term students will learn how to tell the time to the minute and explore duration.


Integrated Studies: The students will consider what are the differences between laws and rules, and identify how and why decisions are made democratically in communities. The students will be given the opportunity to explain the roles of local government and some familiar services provided at the local level. They will be given the opportunity to investigate a new rule or law to implement in their local community and present it to their peers.


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