Grades five and six

We are off and racing for 2019 and Term One is a great term to start learning something new.


This year the 5/6 area has extended to include five classes. The awesome staff responsible for the bigger kiddies of the school includes Mr. Macer, Mrs. Hall (the ‘mum’ one), Miss Hocking, Miss Adams and Miss Hall.


During term one, we have been building our classroom communities. This has included but is not limited to classroom expectations, routines, agreed norms, student and teacher rights and responsibilities, as well as the school values – Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Doing Your Best, Care and Resilience.


In regards to subjects, students and teachers have jumped straight into term one:


In Reading classes have been setting up a classroom community of readers’, as well as launching the use of ‘Reader’s Notebooks’ for students to track and assess their development as readers. Following this, students will be reviewing the ‘Wheel of Strategic Actions’, which encompasses all the reading strategies students need to become ‘good’ readers. This provides students with a solid foundation before launching into a Poetry Unit to conclude the first term.


In Writing classes have also established expectations around what a classroom community of writers’ looks, sounds and feels like, before moving forward with personalising and establishing routines around the Writers’ Notebook in 5/6. Classes then move forward with reviewing and furthering students application of ‘The Six+1 Traits of Writing’. This all comes together as students begin using their ideas they have gathered in their Writers’ Notebook to produce poetry pieces.


In Mathematics students and teachers have built up a positive mindset towards how they approach mathematics and think about themselves as mathematicians. These positive thoughts and approaches are ‘Everyone can learn Maths to the highest level’, ‘Mistakes are valuable’, ‘Questions are really important’, ‘Maths is about creativity and making sense’, ‘Maths is about connections and communicating’, ‘Math is about learning, not performing’ and ‘Depth is more important speed’. With their mindsets dialed to positive, students then move forward ready and eager to expand their place value knowledge to include fractions and decimals. Fractions and decimals then become integrated into addition and subtraction concepts.


In conjunction with students applications for leadership roles (School Captains, House Captains and SRC) students are also exploring and researching the concepts and qualities of leadership/leaders from around the world as part of their Integrated Studies unit on Civics and Citizenship.


And the learning doesn’t stop there… Stay tuned to see what term two looks like.









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