Student Wellbeing

Our Student Wellbeing Coordinator

This role is designed to enhance the capacity of our school to develop a positive school culture and to support students who are at risk of disengagement and of not achieving their educational potential.

The Wellbeing Coordinator promotes a whole school approach to health and wellbeing within the school community and works in collaboration with students and parents, school staff including principals, teachers, aides, specialist staff, nurses and student support services officers and with broader community agencies.

The initiative complements and extends existing programs that enhance student health and wellbeing, engagement, retention, academic achievement and the acquisition of life skills.

Wandong Primary School’s Wellbeing Coordinator can assist students and families to access:

  • The School Nurse
  • A Social Worker
  • Learning assessments (cognitive)
  • Students with Disabilities program (PSDMS)

The Wellbeing Coordinator also supports school staff with:

  • Social & Emotional Learning (Kids Matter)
  • Professional learning and resources
  • Student Support Group meetings (SSGs)
  • Out of Home Care Plans
  • Student Attendance Plans
  • Behaviour Support Plans
  • Parent Education 

Our Student Wellbeing Coordinator Leads:

Kids Matter

We are working towards becoming an accredited Kids Matter school.

KidsMatter Primary is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian children.

KidsMatter Primary provides the proven methods, tools and support to help schools work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to nurture happy, balanced kids.

Our students are explicitly taught the social and emotional skills to be positive and active citizens within our school community.

Lunch Time Clubs

Our Lunchtime Clubs program is run by our school staff and parents. It is an opportunity for students to select an activity to participate in during the lunch time break. Each term a timetable is created and advertises the clubs available for each day of the week.

Big Brother / Big Sister

We offer selected students an opportunity to take part in this program.

The focus for the sessions is an opportunity for our students to build positive relationships with their ‘Big Brother or Sister (school staff), as well as building confidence, resilience, or specific skills that a child may need to learn. 

Our School Chaplain

Our School Chaplain is funded under the National School’s Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) provided by the state and federal governments.  Our chaplain is employed by an external agency, onPsych, and is overseen by our school Student Wellbeing Coordinator. The chaplain's role is to:

  • work as a member of the school’s wellbeing team in the delivery of student wellbeing services
  • contribute to improving student engagement and connectedness
  • contribute to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment
  • provide pastoral care and guidance to students
  • operate within the school community

Currently our chaplain is running small group sessions focused on teaching students the skills required to build and maintain friendships, develop resilience and manage emotions such as anger, frustration or worry.

Our chaplain spends time in the playground during recess time and is available to speak with students and parents one on one.

Lunch time clubs run twice a week with the chaplain facilitating a range of fun, hands on, supported activities.


If your child requires any of the above support services please speak with your child's classroom teacher who can make the appropriate referral.

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