Nikayla Harrison

We asked Nikayla two questions about her experience and Wandong Primary School.

Q 1: Can you describe how you felt when you were elected to the role of Vice School Captain?

When I first heard my name, i was convinced there was a mistake. I was in such a shock. It didn't really click at first but my legs seemed to know what they were doing because they were already moving. When I went up, my eyes were filling up with tears of joy and relief and only then did I realise that I had been elected by my peers. Standing up there in front of the whole school, I couldn't stop smiling. I was so happy and relieved but mainly proud of my new achievement.

Q 2: What is the best thing about Wandong Primary School and why should they enrol here?
My favourite thing about Wandong Primary School is you are always encouraged to be a leader with or without a badge. There are also so many great opportunities to be taken, like leadership roles, sporting events, buddies and excursions, the list goes on. Even with all those fun things, we also get heaps of learning done. The teachers are kind and caring and are always ready to help with difficult things. The students are the same. Ready to help at all times.
Together as a school we work together as one giant team!

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