Xander Fearn

We asked Xander two questions about his experience and Wandong Primary School.

Q 1: Can you describe how you felt when you were elected to the role of School Captain?

When my name was announced at assembly to be school captain, I felt so excited, a smile shot straight across my face immediately I was that happy. As I was walking up the hall I felt proud that my peers and staff thought that I am the right person to represent the school in many ways by being the School Captain. Once I received my badge from Miss Hocking I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Q 2: What is the best thing about Wandong Primary School and why should they enrol here?

My favourite thing about Wandong Primary School is the whole school events where we all get together as a big group and have fun doing activities, such as the athletics carnival, swimming carnival and school concerts. I also like the opportunities that all the students get at the school such as being able to go down to L.B Davern Reserve for unit sport doing fun sporting activities, Bike Ed in grade 5/6, and all the excursions and camps the school has.

For people coming here, I would tell them that it is an amazing school because all of the staff and kids are so encouraging and are ready to help everyone. All the teachers respect and care for the students, and help them with in a heart beat. Our school motto is “We Make A Difference” and everyone at our school, students and staff, strive to make a difference in everything they do.


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