Aurora Sheehy

We asked Aurora two questions about her experience and Wandong Primary School.

Q 1: Can you describe how you felt when you were elected to the role of School Captain?

One million thoughts were going through my head and I didn't have time to think. My mind was overcrowded with ideas, emotions and feelings that I could never of even imagined of having. But never the less, these ideas, emotions and feelings were all of joy, happiness and relief that I was chosen by my peers.

Q 2: What is the best thing about Wandong Primary School and why should they enrol here?

There are so many amazing things about Wandong Primary School. One of the best things are that the school is located in a country town, where there are no massive buildings, crowded streets and people everywhere. I like the feeling where it is not overcrowded with students and too many people. When I was enrolled as a foundation student, there were about 220 students and over the years, we have grown to 450 students and it has managed to maintain this nice small school feel.

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