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What is Respectful Relationships? 


The Royal Commission into Family Violence identified the critical role that schools have in creating a culture of respect, aiming to change Australia’s story of family violence for future generations.  In 2016, Respectful Relationships education became a core component of the Victorian Curriculum.  

The purpose of the Respectful Relationships Program is to support schools in promoting and modelling respect, positive attitudes and behaviours – and to teach our young people how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.


Through the implementation of the Respectful Relationships education program, schools will give students opportunities for social and emotional learning in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships, ethics, values, social norms, stereotypes, human rights, risk and responsible decision-making.


For further information about the Respectful Relationships Curriculum, please see:


Respectful Relationships and Social and Emotional Learning at Wandong Primary School:


Positive social and emotional development is critically important. This development influences a child's self-confidence, empathy, the ability to develop meaningful and lasting friendships and partnerships, and a sense of importance and value to those around him/her.


At Wandong Primary School we teach the Respectful Relationships Curriculum in conjunction with School Wide Positive Behaviours. By focussing on a preventative and proactive approach, we plan specific lessons each week to target the relative needs of our students and aim to enhance their social and emotional skills and build their capacity to make and maintain respectful relationships with their peers.


We strongly believe in differentiating the learning to target the individualised needs of each student in this learning area 



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