Wandong Primary School uses a comprehensive whole-school approach to differentiated teaching and learning for every student across all areas of the curriculum.

We understand the diverse learning needs of our school community, cohorts, classes, groups and individuals. These are identified through targeted data collection and analysis which is continuous and ongoing.

Using an Early Detection and Prevention Model of Literacy Intervention along with paired support from the school’s Wellbeing and Engagement team, we strive for excellence in student learning personalisation and care. This ensures that every student is supported to access and participate in the curriculum, leading to continuous improvement in student achievement.

All students receive instruction within an evidence-based, scientifically researched program. Differentiated planning is implemented with a high-degree of integrity, and by highly-trained and caring teachers.

Our unique Four-Tiered approach means every child has a learning profile that is closely and continuously monitored. This allows classroom teachers and leadership to have constant, real-time access to student achievement and growth data, so that appropriate support is given swiftly. The ability for teachers to respond immediately to the needs of our students has proven to be a game changer. Most students get back on track with their learning in a short turn around and therefore avoid the need for long-term and ongoing intervention.

If at any stage data indicates that further support is required, students will move to the next Tier in our Early Detection Model. As students move through Tiered support, communication to parents is accompanied with information about progress and next steps in learning. Each Tier supports the needs of the student through small-group and individual instruction, as appropriate. This is facilitated by Classroom Teachers, Education Support Staff, Tutors, the school’s psychologist and speech therapist.

If a student receives Tier Four support, we have recognised that they have intensive needs and there is a potential to have one or more specific learning disorders. The case is automatically connected with the school’s psychologist and speech therapist for further assessment. At Wandong Primary School, we have the capacity to carry out many assessments on-site, alleviating much of the logistical and financial stress for our families.

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