Integrated Studies


Each term, our students engage in a unit of study that is integrated with Reading, Writing and Mathematics. These units of study link closely with the Victorian Curriculum and provide ‘through lines’ from Foundation to Grade Six.

Our units of inquiry allow students to build knowledge and understanding of key areas of the curriculum alongside building background knowledge of the world in which they live and thrive. Additionally, we ensure that the students are provided with opportunities to engage with the wider school and educational community via a range of extra-curricular opportunities such as excursions and incursions. 

To provide student agency, our Student Representative Council have input and provide feedback on each unit of study to ensure each meet the needs of the student community. Our topics rotate bi-annually and include, yet are not limited, the following:

Odd Year Through-Line:

  • Animals and Insects – Science and Ethical Capability (Pets and Farms, Native Animals, Global Eco Systems and Animal Adaptations)
  • Planet Earth – Science and Geography (Weather, Continents, Water and Plant Cycles and Natural Disasters.
  • Sustainability – Design and Technology (Farm to Fork, Pollination, Living off the Grid and Solving Food Insecurity)
  • Digital Technologies – Digital Technology and Critical Thinking (Coding, Arcades, Weaving the Web and Minecraft)

Even Year Through-Line:

  • Uncovering the Past – History (Generations, Life in the Past, First Nations and The Gold Rush)
  • Happy, Healthy and Resilient – Health (Food as Fuel, The Human Body, Smiling Minds and The Social Dilemma)
  • Communities – Civics and Citizenship (Me on the Map, The Lucky Country, The Culture of Us and Our Right to Vote)
  • Impacts of Design – Design and Technology (Things that Go ,Toys, Killer Kites and Aerodynamics)
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